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Wednesday, September 13, 2017
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10 Steps to Organize Your Photos-


Family photographs are constantly changing. We are telling new stories, in different ways.  How we feel about these images change as we go through life's journey. Some of the life stories are lost along the way.  What may have seemed ordinary yesterday can become a precious connection to a loved one tomorrow. I know this. I am a portrait photographer.

As life changes, we experience many life events, add new people and share experiences that bring us joy. 

Why not create a space of images that reflect those we love? 


Consider these questions: 

  • Do you enjoy beautiful images of your loved ones? 
  • Are you concerned with loss or damage?
  • Do you wish to have more meaningful portraits that tell your story?
  • Are you overwhelmed with poor quality photos? 
  • Does your photo collection bring you joy?
  • Do you want to share your story with future generations?

This blog post series will outline how and why to corral your photographs! While I am not an archivist, I do work with large quantities of images and produce portraits using high quality materials designed to last.

I will layout larger plan but also try to create some small actionable steps along the way to help you start thinking about organizing your collection. Not everyone will want to organize the same way. For some, sorting though your phone photos once a month maybe all you want to do. For others, there may be family photos that need some attention or will be lost entirely. It is your own path. The point is to help you enjoy your photos and more importantly connect with loved ones. Enjoy your journey!

You do not need any special gear to get started. Some boxes or bins, a computer and hard drive or USB can get things started. You may add some specific storage or additional display products along the way.

As you collect, sort and organize keep in mind the quality of storage, temporarily or otherwise that may damage your portraits. Hot and humid is a no. Some types of photo albums are not good. Hard drives can fail. I will discuss more about each topic in upcoming posts. Keep prints from being crushed while you organize.


Action: Thinks about your most recent favorite photo, where is it displayed? 


Stay tuned for the next blog post-Collect your images!

View all ten steps here


 Senior-Girl-Wall portrait-RobinMPhotography




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