10 Steps to Organize Your Photos
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Monday, September 18, 2017
By RobinMPhotography.com
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10 Steps to Organize Your Photos

And enjoy your photo collection!

This list is one among many strategies to organize and enjoy your photos more. It is a starting point. Not everyone is a photographer, not everyone has an extensive print collection. Through a series of blog posts I do hope to share a few thoughts, ways to sort or store images and a little photographic joy! Here are all 10 steps to give you a bird's eye view. This is the outline, more information is given in the series posts.  Don't try them all at once. Seriously. Try a small task at a time. I wish you a happy photo collection!


1. Collect your images, where are all the photos?

2. Create your own plan for gathering, organizing and using your images.

3. Sort and Evaluate what to save and why.

4. Capture what you need photographed, what is important to you?

5. Organize how you will access your images.

6. Select which images will be used for projects or goals

7. Edit selected images for specific uses

8. Store and Archive to protect and keep your photography collection

9. Display and Enjoy your collection with friends and family, sharing your story.

10. Review your collection periodically to update and collect new images.


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